We provide a range of specialist services including

Disabled Toilet Alarms

For offices, schools, colleges etc, where requests for assistance can be via a local audio / visual indicator or connected to a remote indicator panel located in reception areas, security offices etc.

Bed shakerHearing Loop Systems

To assist the wearers of hearing aids, these can be installed in reception areas, offices, meeting rooms, halls, churches etc.

Visual and vibrating alerts for those with hearing difficulties

These systems will indicate the activation of smoke alarm, doorbell, telephone etc, by triggering a strobe light they can also be used in conjunction with a vibrating pad which, when placed under a pillow or cushion will give a physical alert

Refuge Alarm Systems

In event of an emergency, disabled persons make their way to disabled refuge areas to wait for rescue. The refuge alarm system is used to contact the person organising evacuation and request assistance, the evacuation organiser can then give instruction and reassurance to those waiting in in the refuge area.