Advances in technology have led to more cost effective and higher definition systems and as an independent company we are not tied to one manufacturer so are able to offer the most flexible and cost effective way to meet your requirements.

CCTV Camera

Day night dome camera with infra-red

We can supply a range of equipment, from static cameras to cover particular areas, Pan / tilt / zoom (PTZ) cameras to cover wider areas which can be either manually controlled or set to automatically patrol a prescribed area, Day / Night cameras which will give optimum performance over a 24 hour period. As well as covert cameras and specialist cameras used for number plate recognition etc.

The multiplex controllers we supply record the video images to a hard disk drive and the time span that the images can be stored can be varied to meet the requirements of the site. Any incidents recorded can be simply copied either to CD, DVD or to a memory stick, these images can then be viewed on any suitable PC.

As well as hard wired CCTV systems, we can offer a range of IP addressable equipment that can be connected to an existing data network, this gives the opportunity for remote viewing of the system via the internet.